Susan Whitehead – Wilsonville, AL

My horse, MB, and I had struggled with riding and training in our old arena. The drainage problems we had been having with an arena that was barely three years old kept me from riding my horse more than four times a month. That isn’t enough riding to keep a horse fit much less to train for dressage. Now, thanks to Austin, (and especially after it rains), our new arena is the best place to be on the whole farm!” 

 – Susan Whitehead

Coves Darden Farm – Springfield, SC

“Austin Wood installed Martin Collins – CLOPF Fiber in our covered arena. He provided quality work, pricing clarity, and a timely installation with follow up calls to insure customer satisfaction. We at Coves Darden Farm recommend Diamond W to those interested in installing a microfiber arena footing at their facility.” –  Dorothea Darden and Miguel Coves.


Painted Meadow Farm – Mooresville, NC

“Everyone here at Painted Meadow Farm, human and equine, would like to thank Austin Wood of Diamond W Contracting for our beautiful Future Track arena! The horses that are in full training feel lighter and more suspended in their gaits than ever!  Our older horses just appreciate the comfort of the cushioned footings.

The construction process was painless and efficient, exactly what Austin said it would be.  With his guidance, we purchased the grooming tools needed and maintaining the arena is simple.  Our arena has held up beautifully for the past two years. Thank you so much Austin!!” – Kim Clark

Kingfisher Park Equestrian, LLC – Mooresville, NC

“Kingfisher Park Equestrian LLC has worked with Austin Wood and Diamond W Contracting LLC on numerous occasions over the past 3 years and we have been extremely happy with the results on each and every project.

Austin’s skills in regard to water management and erosion control are excellent, as is his knowledge of arena construction, footing, and drainage.

The 175’ x 250’ all weather arena built by Austin at Kingfisher Park is located on a previously heavily wooded and uneven location and, after three years, is holding up beautifully. It is used on a daily basis by at least 8 horses for both jumping and dressage and, due to the excellent drainage, can be used in all weather conditions. Austin was responsible for all aspects of the arena construction, including grading, installation and preparation of the base, the irrigation system, and recommending the best footing for our purposes.

In addition to the arena, Austin and Diamond W Contracting have constructed a one-acre trailer parking area, roadways, and several water management/control systems. Austin has also cleared trees and undergrowth to create riding trails and has mitigated erosion areas and reworked land to allow for improved drainage.

During all stages of our construction projects, Austin has been open, transparent and very happy to involve us in the decision-making process. When unexpected obstacles arise (such as finding an old barn and multitudinous car tires buried on the site of the proposed one-acre trailer parking area….), Austin has kept us fully informed of our options, any additional costs involved, and how best to best address the obstacles faced.

In addition to doing outstanding work, Austin and his team always leave the work-site in pristine condition. There is never any trash, debris, or extra pieces of anything lying around and all areas disturbed by the machinery are re-seeded and covered with straw before the crew departs.

It has truly been a pleasure having Austin work at Kingfisher Park Equestrian LLC and his will be the first company we contact regarding any future projects that arise.” – Diana Crawford


High Ground Farm – Advance, NC

“I have been a horse owner for over 30 years. Aside from a reliable vet and a good farrier, the most important thing for training horses for competition is reliable footing. I plan to ride 365 days in an outside ring that has to stand up to variable weather, moisture and a lot of traffic. I can say without hesitation, that the last ring we built using Diamond W Contracting, has been the best. I cannot emphasize enough how helpful, professional and smart Austin Wood is. He directed me to the correct alignment of footing, grading and routine care for our dressage ring – it has performed ABOVE my expectations. Even after a heavy downpour, the ring is ready to go the very next day.” – Anne Aloi

Frances Currey

"Your equestrian footing is only as good as the contractor who installs it! Thanks to the synergy of Austin Wood, Diamond W Contractors and Martin Collins Clopf fiber, I am assured that my equine partner has a safe and reliable training surface.

After years of unresolved issues with my current synthetic footing, I received a referral for Austin Wood. Austin is an approved installer for Martin Collins products, has extensive arena design experience, and rides as well!  Following my confirmation of qualifications and visiting several ring installations, I happily contracted with Austin to install my new arena.


He was onsite at all times and supervised every aspect of the work. In addition, I received detailed instructions on irrigation, dragging, and care of my new ring. I would be happy to recommend Austin Wood, Diamond W Contracting to anyone who wants a quality ring!" - Frances Currey