The cost effective, long lasting, original performance fiber from Martin Collins.

Available as a stand alone product, Martin Collins CLOPF® fiber can be used in a new sand installation or to significantly enhance an existing sand or sand/mix footing, without incurring the expense of an all new product.

This proprietary blend of fibers assists in giving more stability via a ‘root structure’ within the sand particles. With the correct maintenance the horses will work more ‘on the top’ of the footing, rather than ‘into it. This in turn provides cushioning and energy return to the limbs of the horse.

The recommended tonnage of Martin Collins CLOPF® fiber will be determined by the current surface content and dimensions of the ring.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use with irrigation system

  • Provides improved moisture retention

  • Durable and proven in both private and professional barns

  • Versatile

  • Excellent value for money

  • Maintenance Guidelines provided


Austin has learned the importance of horse arena footing through traveling and researching many different types of foundations and footing. In order to protect the investment of not only a horse, but also the arena in which a rider spends hours in training, Austin works with the owner to build a customized arena that meets both the horse and the riders' needs.


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