An International Synthetic Wax Coated Footing.

A low maintenance product which is a combination of CLOPF® fibers, industrial soft rubber and high grade sand which are carefully weighed & blended with a wax coating.  This premium product is featured at international competitions and is a must for the demanding equestrian.

MC Ecotrack® is for both private and professional use in the equestrian world.  Successfully installed for dressage, show jumping, polo, therapeutic riding, round pens, and carriage driving.

There are different variants of MC Ecotrack® dependent upon climate and equestrian discipline.

  • Accurately manufactured by weight

  • No irrigation system required

  • Provides secure & consistent footing

  • Improves equine performance & confidence

  • Dust free when maintained properly

  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use

  • Maintenance guidelines provided