Meet Austin

Austin Wood is a 2005 graduate from Clemson University where he received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Agricultural Mechanization and Business. Austin grew up in McCormick, SC in an agricultural family with a small cattle herd and horses. Austin also managed 200 acres of forest land with his father, Wallace. Preserving land through proper management techniques has been taught to Austin since childhood. Austin has always had a vision to farm and preserve the land all while owning his own business. Upon completion of his degree, Austin became Manager for Log Creek Timber Co. in Edgefield, SC. In 2007, Austin led Log Creek in building their premier Rivers Edge Forest Products division located in Modoc, SC.

Austin’s vision of owning his own business soon came to life.  In 2008, he started Diamond W Contracting, LLC. With Austin’s agricultural background coupled with a skilled degree in the science of agriculture, he has a deep understanding of how land should be managed. He is skilled in water management and is CEPSCI certified (Certified Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control Inspector). Austin has a deep understanding of soil erosion and water runoff; therefore he works with his customers to make sure all best practices are put into place to ensure maximum efficiency.

Austin has learned the importance of horse arena footing through traveling and researching many different types of foundations and footing. In order to protect the investment of not only a horse, but also the arena in which a rider spends hours in training, Austin works with the owner to build a customized arena that meets the horse’s and the rider’s needs. Through the engineering of his own custom equipment, Austin can provide a personal experience to his customers. He has worked for customers such as Bascule Farm LLC, Linden Lane Farm, King Fisher Equestrian and Coves Darden Farm. Each arena is special and has its own unique characteristics to make it a success.

If you are interested in contacting Diamond W for an estimate on a ring refurbish or new installations, please call Austin at 864-993-5029 for an immediate quote.

Austin Wood