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FutureTrack fiber footing is a 100% white nylon product.   Future Track nylon is absorbent and UV tolerant, designed to enhance the stability of the surface, improves water retention, and reduce dust.

Premier ProTex

Premier ProTex is made of non-woven textiles and fibers that are durable, retain moisture well and reduce dust. Mixed with sand, ProTex will provide superior stability, cushion, rebound, and grip for an ideal riding surface.  

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Premier ArenaAid

Premier ArenaAid is a combination of  nylon & polyester fibers  designed to stabilize a wide variety of sands. ArenaAid can be mixed with new sand but is also ideal for mixing with existing sand. ArenaAid  prevents against over-compaction while increasing stability, cushion, cupping, rebound, and grip.

Martin Collins CLOPF®

Martin Collins CLOPF® fiber can be used in a new sand installation or to enhance an existing sand or sand/mix footing. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use with irrigation system, CLOPF provides improved moisture retention and provides cushioning and energy return to the limbs of the horse.

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Martin Collins Ecotrack®

Martin Collins Ecotrack® is a low maintenance product which is a combination of CLOPF® fibers, industrial soft rubber and high-grade sand with a wax coating. It is dust free  when properly maintained and does not  require an irrigation system. MC Ecotrack® provides secure & consistent footing.

Martin Collins Fibretrack™

Martin Collins Fibretrack™ is a blended surface comprising CLOPF® Fiber and washed silica sand. It is  Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is an economical alternative to a waxed surface. Fibretrack™ offers a secure footing with exceptional energy return. It should remain moist for optimum stability and performance.


ArenaGreen is a fully blended option for new arena installs. ArenaGreen  contains no wax, no petroleum, no oils, no synthetic polymers and is up-cycled from a plant based binding agent that is 99% biorenewable. ArenaGreen is made for extreme water conservation, and consistently delivers a stable high-performance surface for ideal traction and optimal sheer and cushion.

OTTO Sport Base Mats

OTTO Sport Base Mats are made of resilient material, specially designed for equestrian sports. Otto Sport Base Mats are used in equestrian arenas and paddocks, set underneath the footing to provide maximum drainage, water conservation, concussion mitigation and stability for horse and rider.