Arena Footing Installations & Arena Renovation Services

Diamond W can renovate your existing arena, or start from scratch, depending on your budget and needs. Visit our clients page to view some of the new arenas that we have installed including Kingfisher Park Equestrian Center. If your arena is in need of renovation, we offer services including: base repair, adding materials and remixing synthetic footing, in order to get your arena back in top condition.


Site Analysis

An important first step for any arena build project. We take into consideration soil composition, drainage and any gradient (slope), number of horses that will ride on the surface daily and the riding discipline that the surface will be used for.

Please contact us today to discuss an appropriate footing solution for your current riding surface!


Austin has learned the importance of horse arena footing through traveling and researching many different types of foundations and footing. In order to protect the investment of not only a horse, but also the arena in which a rider spends hours in training, Austin works with the owner to build a customized arena that meets both the horse and the riders' needs.


Phone: 864-993-5029

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